Tools for creating a website & header codes – Learn HTML & CSS Basics

So now that you understand how the web works and websites created, let’s see what are requirements, tools, or software needed to start coding. After that, we are going to start with basic HTML codes, understand why we use tags and some header information.

#4 HTML & CSS Basics | Requirements for creating a website

#5 HTML & CSS Basics | Basic Codes & Header

As we go along and start coding you can share your work or projects on social media platforms and tag me, so we can check out and share your work. We will also create some projects in the future for you to practice. The links for my social media channels are available below.

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This is basic learning just to get you excited about coding and web development. More advanced courses like uploading using GitHub will be available soon on Skillshare, Udemy, etc if you want to dive deep into the coding world with me. So if you are done binge-watching Netflix and chilling this pandemic & lockdown season, let’s learn some cool coding.

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