How the Web Works & Websites Created – Learn HTML & CSS Basics

#2 HTML & CSS Basics | How the Web Works?

#3 HTML & CSS Basics | How Websites are Created?

Before we start with coding it is important to look at how the web works and also see how websites are created. So when developers work on their website these things are always used to create a better user experience.

Welcome to HTML/CSS Tutorial series, in this video we are going to learn every aspect of web development starting from HTML/CSS. We will learn every element & tag for HTML & CSS in this series.

This is basic learning just to get you excited about coding and web development. More advanced courses like uploading using GitHub will be available soon on Skillshare, Udemy, etc if you want to dive deep into the coding world with me. So if you are done binge-watching Netflix and chilling this pandemic & lockdown season, let’s learn some cool coding.

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