Know which camera is right fit for you? A look at different types of cameras available.

Before starting with photography, it is very important to decide which camera you need. Photography is a vast subject and has a lot of different niches. Photographers or videographers always choose their niche in which they are comfortable with and can show their passion to the world with ease. Looking at photographers and their niches in mind, camera companies have always been coming up with a large number of camera models for many years and upgrading along the way. Also, there are cameras available for every budget. These vast numbers of cameras, lenses & accessories could be overwhelming for a budding photographer. Camera systems and functions have also gotten complex compared to previous versions, due to ever-expanding functions. Choosing the right camera, lenses and accessories is important if you want to take great or professional photographs in your niche and also to decide if you want to spend your hard-earned money on it. Here is a small guide on what different kinds of cameras are available in the market and what camera is the right fit for you. We will talk about Lenses and Accessories in our next article.

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