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Some Useful Tools & Tips to Help You Become a Better Copywriter During Lockdown

Copywriting is a stress-free writing job you need right now. Sharing my knowledge and tips to help you improve.

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‘Copy’ Writing

Copywriting is about writing a particular text called “Copy” which is used for the purpose of advertising or other marketing strategies. It is all about solving a problem for your reader by making it easy to read and understand. It compels your reader to take a particular action for the benefit of your advertiser. Copywriting is done to sell better for conversions and change people’s decisions from a ‘No’ to ‘Yes’.

It’s more of a skill than a Talent.

Skills are meant to be learned and get better with practice. You don’t have to be the best selling author to be a good copywriter. You just need to love writing, use online tools, and use particular techniques or formulas to come up with an engaging and problem-solving copy.

The world is changing

In the past businesses used to have a shop and they would put up an ad to sell their products over the counter. Now in this internet world, businesses don’t necessarily have a physical shop now or a physical contact with their customers to make them understand or give trials about their products. So now these businesses depend heavily on their copy to sell their products. The demand is ever-growing and more money is being spent.

Tools to help you improve


Search over 47 million databases of your competitors for free and get inspired by how they sell their products online. You will need to log-in to and click on website Inspiration to access their database.

2. Hemingway App

Hemingway is your free and writing instructor. It highlights lengthy, complex sentences and common errors in different colors and gives you advice.

3. Sharethrough

Headlines need to be engaging as it decides if your copy is worth reading. This is a free tool that helps you get a more engaging headline based on score and advice.

Power Words

Did you know Nike’s 3 most powerful words “Just Do It” transformed Nike into a 9 Billion Dollar business in 10 years? These are the power of words. Carefully chosen words can change your customer’s behaviors. There are even scientifically proven words which can boost your conversions to a new level. Power words like “Free”, “Amazing”, “Secret” etc can invoke an emotional response in your reader and make them take an action. So, use power words in your copy, wherever you can.

It wasn’t you, It was me

Did you always had that one annoying friend who always talked about themselves and not you? Well, customers feel the same when they read about you, boasting about your products or awards. Customers don’t really care how great you are, seriously!

The only thing they care about is what they will benefit if they use your products or services. So instead of saying how better you are than your competitors, try to change “we” to “you”. You need to connect to your customers on a personal level with your copy, to trigger an emotional response for an action. It will make your writing more interesting as it puts you directly in your customer’s shoes.

Copy for Businesses

Most of the B2B business go wrong as they don’t see any personal benefits in their products and services. You are selling to a human and not to a building of that business. Whether you are writing about warehouse products or management software etc. If you only write about the benefits of products and services, you are missing out on connecting with your buyers.

Responsibility for a multi-million dollar software acquisition that goes bad can lead to poor business performance and even the loss of a job. The business customer won’t buy unless there is a substantial emotional connection to help overcome this risk. — Think Google

So remember that it’s important to add personal benefits and create emotions among buyers for B2B businesses if you wish to create more trust and sales.

These few simple tips will help you get better in copywriting and I hope they have motivated you to write more.

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