After a long hiatus, Crysis twitter account disengaged its cloak to reveal a remastered version of…

Yes, you heard it right, Crysis is back!

It’s time to explore your childhood memories, as 2007’s most popular game Crysis is coming back as a remastered version, including everyone’s favorite question & memetic phrase “Can it run Crysis?”

The Crysis Twitter account was dormant since 2016. Their last tweet was a retweet for YouTube Video.

Then it started with a series of tweets starting April 13th & 14th, 2020

And then finally the news we all were waiting for and as a bonus, it contained a teaser too.

Crytek officially announced a remastered version of Crysis on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and also on the Nintendo Switch Platform. When it comes to PC, I hope gamers from this generation would ask the same question we asked years ago — “Can it run Crysis?” According to Crytek’s press release, the remastered game will have “remastered graphics and optimizations for a new generation of hardware.”

Crysis was a 2007 first-person shooter, a PC exclusive, that was infamous for its high hardware requirements. According to Digital Foundry, “Never had a game released that pushed hardware and engine technology so much, and never has one since. In fact, combine the latest and greatest Intel Core i7 8700K overclocked to 5.0GHz with an Nvidia Titan Xp and there’ll still be areas of the game that drop beneath 60fps — even at 1080p. For its own very specific reasons, Crysis is still more than capable of melting the most modern, top-end PCs, but regardless, it remains a phenomenal technological achievement. It deserves a remaster at the very least, but a franchise of this standing really deserves a full next-gen sequel, with state-of-the-art rendering and back-to-basics gameplay.”

We spent our childhood upgrading our PCs or Consoles to run the latest games especially Crysis, which younger generations are now failing to understand. Crytek is beefing up graphics & optimizations for the new generation, just hope your PC can handle it. For more updates and release dates, visit their official website.

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