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5 Design trends for you to follow and get motivated in 2020

Start this new decade with five of the most current and hot trends of 2020 to get you inspired and motivated.

2019 was a great year for designs, with a lot of people choosing their path towards creativity. We saw a lot of new trends emerging and dominating this year too. With the latest software and technology, these trends are expanding and getting improved upon by creative minds. Let’s look it up for 5 of these design trends which are very popular in 2020 –

3D Designs

New 3D Coat by James Curran

3D Designs were on a rise last year and is going to be one of the popular trends this year too. With many advanced and better software’s coming, 3D designs are being used in many projects with ease. 3D designs are also being integrated with other trends to give it a unique and eye-catching look.

Isometric Designs

Isometric City by Oleksandr Aleksandrov

Isometric design is one of the popular and is being adopted by many designers, due to its detailed and unique style. It is a process of creating or drawing 3D objects in 2D. It’s being integrated into many designs like mobile app designs, web designs, etc, giving their designs a more professional look with simplicity and depth.

New Condo by Guillaume Kurkdjian

Animation and motion are also being integrated now with isometric designs, using different updated softwares, taking these designs to a whole new level.

Geometric designs

Jungle SXSW by Steve Wolf

The geometric design is a fun way of creating beautiful and abstract designs, using shapes, lines, etc. These shapes are placed in a unique way to create a pattern. These shapes are needed to be placed in a proper way to give it a meaning and versatile look. Going with the trend, geometric designs are being incorporated into different types of branding.


Typography is also another popular trend incorporated by many designers. It is the art of arranging different letters and texts in a way that is visually appealing to the viewer or reader. Typography involves appearance, structure, and arrangement of type by selecting typefaces, etc. A lot of extensive study material and articles are available online on this topic.

Line Art

Cox Communications — City by Eight Hour Day

Line Art is a dominating trend in the year 2020, especially in the graphic design field. It’s so simple and minimalistic, yet powerful enough to create an impact in the world of creativity. It creates versatile designs that are appealing and also professional. Line art or line drawing in design consists of well-defined straight or curved lines.

I hope these trends will get you motivated and definitely should be looked into and practiced by aspiring designers or professionals, as it will add value to your designs.

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